06 noviembre 2007

Stress in Invasive Cane Toads

Invasion, stress, and spinal arthritis in cane toads

Abstract.-- The impact of invasive species on biodiversity has attracted considerable study, but impacts of the invasion process on the invaders themselves remain less clear. Invading species encounter conditions different from those in their ancestral habitats and are subject to intense selection for rapid dispersal. The end result may be significant stress on individual organisms, with consequent health problems. Our studies on invasive cane toads in Australia reveal severe spinal arthritis in c. 10% of large adult toads, associated with the same factors (large body size, frequent movement, and relatively long legs) that have enabled toads to invade so rapidly across the Australian tropics.

Cita / Citation: Brown, G. P., Shilton, C., Phillips, B. L. & Shine, R. (2007) Invasion, stress, and spinal arthritis in cane toads. PNAS 104(45). 10.1073/pnas.0705057104

Autor a quien correspondencia debe ser dirigida: Richard Shine rics@bio.usyd.edu.au

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